Fast and Easy Wedding Tips;

1) Break ’em in:

Always break in your shoes before the big day! Otherwise you may incur blisters, find yourself walking funny, or skip out on the rest of the festivities (i.e. the dancing) because your feet are hurting. Be sure to wear them several times before the big day.

2) Buffet or Sit-Down:

Always plan ahead of time if you will opt for the buffet or sit-down style meal. You can also opt for appetizers. If you think the party will be smaller sometimes it is best to go with a sit down style. For larger gatherings a buffet can potentially cut down on costs…

How to setup a wedding gift registry

One of the fun parts about getting married is all of the gifts you get. This could also be a disaster if you get gifts that you really don’t like or want. To ensure that you get everything that you need and want for your wedding make sure you set up a Wedding Registry.

A wedding registry will ensure (for the most part) that items that you and your future spouse pick out will be given to you on your wedding day. The ‘for the most part’ is simply because there is always going to be that one relative or two that refuse to look at the registry and buy the most hideous gift ever….

Prenups, Yea or Nay?

To Get a Prenup or No?
With divorce rates at a daunting high, the prenup is becoming a more common appendage to marital unions. Either because people want to protect sizable finances or future inheritances, a prenup becomes a probable reality for couples entering a marriage with a considerable sum of assets (either presently or in the near future). Perhaps you think a prenup is the best option; perhaps your fiancé thinks the prenup is a good option; or perhaps your parents are encouraging a prenup. The question is, though, not whether you want a prenup but whether you need one? Here are our thoughts…

Whittling Down Your Guest List

No matter what you think, the wedding guest list is the one sore spot for most couples-to-be. With parents and possibly stepparents chiming in with wishes to invite your third step cousin twice removed, the groom’s wish to invite his entire beer guzzling fraternity posse, and the bride’s dream to have her entire running list of girlfriends present, the wedding list becomes a point of contention for every couple. But just how many people do you need to invite?

For starters, let’s consider…

To Write Vows or Not to Write

In today’s era of modern weddings that are anything but passe, the newest tradition has been that of reverting back to your roots. That’s right, everywhere you look traditional black and white are back in style and bigger than ever. But that doesn’t mean the rest of your ceremony needs to follow the impetuous monotony of verbatim vows, stiff collared attendants, and ridiculously slow music that all aid to lull people to sleep. That’s not to say either that tradition is boring and forgettable. In fact, a swift clean traditional ceremony can often be refreshing after a myriad of ultra-modern grand ceremonies. Nevertheless when it comes to the actual ceremonial part, i.e. the part where the priest/pastor/cantor/judge starts to speak, it’s not wrong to admit that most people begin to nod off and dream of better things to come; like the reception. So spice things up a bit by twisting the traditional just a tad via writing your own vows. Who knows you just might keep a few people’s attention throughout the entire ceremony! Tout chez!

Often enough the thought of writing one’s own vows…

Quick Tips:Picking Your Photographer

1) Book in Advance: Most notable photographers book up fast, especially during the main “wedding seasons”. This should be on the top of your “To Do” list.

2) A Friend in Need: Chances are you have a friend or two that has already tied the knot. If not, look to either of the couple’s parents. This is the easiest way to dig up a list of photographer references and get first hand opinions about their work.

3) Bridal Fairs: Wedding Photographers often…

Photo Styles

Brief Descriptions of Optional Poses and Photo Styles for Your Wedding
Traditional: This is further subdivided into “classics” and “standbys”. They are all posed shots that include a combination of bride-only, groom-only, bride and groom, and large group shots that may include but are not limited to the bride’s maids and groomsmen. This category also includes “semi-posed” candids of the traditional ceremonial events like the garter toss, cake feeding, champagne toast, etc.

Romantic: Traditional couple and bride-only/groom-only…

Quick Tips:Picking Your Flowers

1) Research: Sift through Bridal magazines, florist manuals, the Internet, and accommodate your personal tastes to decide which flower type(s) and color(s) you would prefer for your ceremony.

2) Silk vs. Fresh: Decide whether your budget allows for fresh or silk flowers, or a combination of the two. Preserved flowers are another option. Note: If you opt for silk do your research on the cheapest way to purchase them. Also keep in mind that if it seems much cheaper to use silk flowers you can consider using more of them in your arrangements than you would with fresh flowers.

3) Florist or No: Decide whether you will…

Quick Tips: Your Dream Cake

1) Go Tasting
Most notable bakers will offer free tasting appointments, either personal or general, in which they allow you sample a variety of their prized cakes, as well as browse through their “established” portfolios which highlight their top works and artistic versatility.

2) Motif Madness

In coordination with your dress, your décor, and your wedding site, your cake should fall in step and compliment (not overshadow or obscure) your nuptial surroundings. Use a swatch of your wedding gown to inspire particular icing embellishments. Or, for a more affordable and bold move, integrate…

Cake or Cupcakes?

Though cake is the traditional dessert for weddings, modern brides are getting more creative and adventurous when it comes to the final course of the big day. Sure, with cake comes the traditional cake cutting ceremony and its prime photo ops, but if you’re not a huge fan of cake, or if you don’t think you can afford a good tasting cake for all of your guests (and in today’s times, guests expect good tasting cake), it may be a more affordable or creative option to go with a cupcake tier. The choice really depends on your style as a couple and the feeling you’re trying to invoke with the reception.

As one of America’s favorite desert pastimes…

How To Select The Right Insurance After You’re Married

One important thing to think about when planning your wedding besides flowers and catering is insurance. It is something that you and your future spouse should talk about prior to walking down the aisle. That way it will be taken care of and you won’t have to worry about it after the wedding.

Medical, auto, home or renters, life and disability insurance are all things that need to be openly discussed and thought about. Who will go on whose policy? How much life or disability insurance do you need to take out? How much…