The Rise of the Engagement Ring

DOWRY ~ Though long a part of contemporary culture, the engagement ring is actually a rather new custom associated with the marital tradition. Prior to the eighteenth century most countries, particularly of European, and later New America, operated on a dowry system. Likewise some “Middle East” countries also organized, and still organize, their marriages around dowries. The philosophy behind the dowry system involves compensation. When a man comes to claim his bride (back then most marriages were prearranged or a binding contract of economic benefit, not love) the husband-to-be brings gifts in exchange for the daughter’s hand. Usually these gifts involve hefty sums of money, portions of land, or as much as one could part with so as to secure his new bride and compensate her family for their loss. Often young girls were simply looked at as a form of economic currency…

Engagement Ring Know-how: The 4 “C’s”

Some quick facts to help you select a quality diamond for your engagement ring

Every one loves diamonds. From the hallmark song “diamonds are a girls best friend” to the massively overdone rings that celebrities don on a daily basis, diamonds have become the central figure for an engagement ring where the cardinal rule is easily observable: the bigger the better!

But not everyone can afford a huge diamond ring. Moreover, not everyone can afford an acutely detailed ring where the additions of filigree…

Engagement Ring Trends

This season the vintage ring is making a comeback with force. Influenced by the ornate detail of the authentic estate rings of old, this season’s new ‘antique’ style rings are gorgeous, unique, and all the rave! The modern styles of the vintage, or ‘antique’, engagement ring sets focus on the acute detail of pave set diamonds and milgrain and filigree detailing on the metal.

Generally these rings have a thinner shank and the accent diamonds are much smaller than a contemporary ring’s side stones. However, this style allows for a much larger amount of diamonds to be set within the band which…