Proposal Ideas


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1) The Office Raid- After weeks of tormenting Lisa with a supposed “ring box” placed above their mantel, Brain marched into Lisa’s office with a dozen roses, a bottle of wine, a personal card, and an entourage of their closest professional and personal friends, and delivered the gifts to Lisa. Of course the last line of the card was “Will You Marry Me?”, and a very pleasantly overwhelmed Lisa responded “Yes!”

Why it works: It’s surprising but more importantly, its thoughtful. It’s well planned but not overdone. The wine and roses are simply symbolic representations of love and affection and the card assured Brian said exactly what he wanted to say. Many men are afraid they will stumble all over themselves in the midst of their crucial moment. A card that has all the carefully premeditated thoughts written down takes away the pressure of the perfect delivery. All she has to do is say yes after she’s done processing the beautiful compliments you’ve given her.

Lisa and Brian Evans / Married: Sept 8, 2001
2) The Karaoke Proposal- Expecting her boyfriend to sing a song, when the DJ called a nervous Anthony onstage to perform he anxiously bent down on one knee and professed his love for Paula in front of all of their friends. The touching spectacle concluded with his popping the question and a bar full of supportive fans applauding Paula’s affirmative response.

Why it works: Karaoke bars are a great way to get all of your close friends to go out for an evening of fun and of course, surprises. Moreover, the silly antics of the night’s preceding events helps take the pressure off of the pivotal moment. When that time finally arrives for you to propose, post a few rounds of completely botched songs you have nothing else to lose. The whole act is endearing and sentimental, and all of your friends will get to witness the event. Did we forget to mention you generally have the support of the entire audience in the bar? With that many wingmen helping out your cause, chances are Lady Luck is on your side.

Paula and Anthony Birkholz / Married: February 02, 2002

3) Save the Best for Last – Adam selected several packages of fireworks and wrapped them up individually. On the night of the 4th of July he asked Angela to open each one individually. With the first several gifts equally small in size and shape as the last, he watched as Angela’s eyes slowly lowered with each passing gift that was not a ring. Just when she’d given up hope Adam switched the last box and when Angela turned to take it from his hand she saw him on his knee holding the beautiful ring box in his hand.

Why it works: It’s a private moment for the couple where undivided attention is given to the myriad of gifts. Additionally, her expectancy of a ring with each passing box adds humor to the situation. When she finally opens the box with the ring she will be so overwhelmed and surprised she will have to say yes. This method is highly effective when planned on a special occasion such as a birthday or holiday when presents are commonplace. If you decide to try this on an occasion other than a gift-giving one, be sure to find a way to keep its obviousness concealed. Lastly, this idea leaves the option for creativity entirely open. You can pick and choose different ways to present the gifts, the type of gifts, and of course, how you will disguise the ring box.

Angela and Adam / Married: March 02, 2002

4) I Love XXX – Ken knew his future fiance loved teddy bears. After buying a series of small bears, he purchased two larger bears in the colors of pink and blue. He then tied the ring to the paw of the pink bear and aligned the teddy bears in a row under a log in the Perennial Gardens where the two would later have their date. Ken put the final touch to the male bear’s paw, an “I Love You Tiffany” sign. Later that day as Tiffany took her time to enjoy the sights she nearly fainted as she stumbled upon the endearing display. As she turned back to look at Ken he was already on his knees asking her to marry him. It was only after she stammered yes that she noticed their friend Michael recording the whole thing in the background!

Why it works: It’s a public display of affection that took time and thought. Also, it incorporated Tiffany’s favorite thing; teddy bears. The proposal was entirely sentimental and thoughtful. In addition, Ken was creative in putting the display in an ideal spot that would highlight the bears when they later stumbled upon it together on their date. This means Ken also took additional precautions to find someone to watch the ring, and he even prepared to film the whole thing. Moreover, Ken wasn’t afraid of making a public declaration of his love. While his proposal was definitely grand, you, too, could concoct something with an equally powerful impact so long as your woman isn’t squeamish towards public displays of affection. Just try to keep in mind some of her favorite things and focus your proposal around how much you care about her interests.

Ken and Tiffany / Married: April 14, 2001

5) Under the Stars- While attending their annual car show in Pismo Beach, Jeremaiah asked Kerri to join him for a walk along the beach to end the day’s events. After gazing at the stars and enjoying each other’s company the two sat in the sand where Jeremaiah proceeded to write “Will You Marry Me” on Kerri’s back. When a befuddled Kerri couldn’t quite guess what he was spelling out Jeremaiah resorted to writing it out in the sand. But the dark night prevented Kerri from understanding once again. As she leaned over trying to decipher the sandy message Jeremaiah got down on his knee and proposed right then and there.

Why it works: It’s sincere. His nervousness and adoration are evident from the way he tries to ask her in a very concealed yet tender way. He touches her back and shows his tender playful side but is cautious enough not to ask directly. Then he resorts to the traditional romantic message in the sand. Jeremiah’s message is nothing short of endearing and completely effective despite its simplicity. It’s the realistic romanticism that makes this type of proposal an attractive selection.

Keri and Jeremiah / Married: March 31, 2001

6) Traffic Jam- While Jeni and Sean were vacationing in New Jersey over Christmas break, they decided to sight see in New York. After spending an entire day in New York doing the touristy thing, the two headed to Times Square with Jeni’s mother. Suddenly Sean asked Jeni’s mother to take a picture of the couple, in the middle of a small median on the street. After Jeni hopped off the ledge Sean had propped her on for the photo, she began to look in her bag. When she looked up Sean was on his knee with all of Time Square honking their approval at his romantic gesture.

Why it Works. Similar to the Karaoke proposal, Sean rallied the support of the public. He’s making a statement loud and clear that he loves this woman and intends to spend his life with her. Sean’s proposal is simple and sweet and incorporates Jeni’s mother, also very important. If a mother and daughter are very close its always a good idea to try to ensure the mother is present when you finally pop the question. Her approval will only help persuade the night to go as you wish.

Jeni and Sean Married: August 25, 2001