Picking Your Flowers

Quick Tips

1) Research: Sift through Bridal magazines, florist manuals, the Internet, and accommodate your personal tastes to decide which flower type(s) and color(s) you would prefer for your ceremony.

2) Silk vs. Fresh: Decide whether your budget allows for fresh or silk flowers, or a combination of the two. Preserved flowers are another option. Note: If you opt for silk do your research on the cheapest way to purchase them. Also keep in mind that if it seems much cheaper to use silk flowers you can consider using more of them in your arrangements than you would with fresh flowers.

3) Florist or No: Decide whether you will hire a florist to organize your arrangements or whether you will take on the task yourself. Note: Once you hire a florist they are in charge of organizing and arranging everything, including set-up the day of the ceremony. They are generally more expensive than self-orchestrated arrangements however.

4) What to Wear: Will the bride wear flowers in your hair, or pin them on their dress in addition to their bridal bouquet? Also, will the bridal boquet match the flower arrangements of the bride’s maids, or will they hold solitaires, or a different flower entirely?

5) Groom’s Attire: Will the groom opt for a boutonnière or no? Will his groomsmen also don boutonnières? Will they be fresh or silk? If doing silk arrangements do you still want to splurge for fresh boutonnières? Will they all coordinate or no?

6) Centerpieces: Do you want to use flowers for your centerpiece? Do you want a small bouquet, a tall solitaire, floating petals, fresh or silk flower, or something entirely different than flowers in the center of your table?

7) Think Green: Usually greenery is a cheap additional garnish to your bouquets and arrangements and the deep color contrast really helps the flower arrangements to pop! Think baby’s breathe, fern leafs, palm tree stems, etc., pending the style of flowers included in the arrangements.

8) Ceremony and/or Reception: Do you want your ceremony and your reception decorated with flowers? Do you prefer only one or the other, both, neither?

9) Think Seasonally: Many flowers have a prime season. Coincidentally their prime price occurs within that season. If you opt for fresh flowers not in season be prepared to pay the extra cash for them, they won’t be cheap.

10) Budget: Set a budget that you are willing to allot on the total cost for flowers. Then itemize your budget, allotting costs for each different item involving flowers, (i.e. cost of all boutonnières, cost of all bouquets, cost of centerpieces, etc.).

11) Durability: Some flowers tend to wilt, droop, sag, wither, etc. easier than others. If you want delicate flowers, opt to combine them with more durable selections so that your pieces stay attractive throughout the entire ceremony.

12) Scent: Make sure you keep fragrance in mind. Some flowers have stronger odors than others, which can either be alluring, or annoying pending the situation. Avoid overly pungent centerpieces; they may be distracting during the dinner and toasting ceremonies.

13) Be Different: If you are someone who likes to set yourself apart form others on a daily basis you may want to opt for non-traditional flower arrangements, or perhaps omit flowers altogether. You can substitute flowers with a variety of things like seaglass arrangements, feathers, candles, etc.