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My Name is Allen Vecchio and I am From Colorado Springs Colorado.

My future Wife's name is Jennifer Corder We are to be wed in September, In the Garden of the Gods Park.

We met thru a Cowboy Website, having similar interests in horses. Not really out to meet anyone we became good friends at first and found that we had too much in common to not look into this further.

This has been a miracle from the start, I am very lucky to have met her, she is the light of my life. and she has excellent taste.

Thanks Al Vecchio

My name is Jennifer Silverio and I am going to marry William Cocoma Jr. of Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234 on September 18th, 2004 at the Scullville Fire Hall in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. We both went to school in Egg Harbor Township public school system. As a matter of fact we were both in 1st grade together and have our school pictures to show!

After we graduated we went our seperate ways- I moved about an hour and 1/2 away. One night I was on the internet and someone kept instant messaging me. Finally I figured out it was Bill! I was dating someone and he was dating someone and we were both having problems. We spent several months talking to eachother on the phone. Finally we decided to meet and hang out and chat face-to-face. I arrived at our meeting spot before he did. When he pulled into the parking lot I suddenly knew he was the one for me. After a few months of going back and forth we both split up with the people we were dating and I moved back to the area and we got a place together and have been living happily ever since.

We are best friends above all else and we laugh and joke all the time, We think that is the strongest part of our relationship and what is going to make our marriage last forever. We feel so strongly we've changed the "Rose Ceremony" to the "Yellow Rose Ceremony" and made our theme yellow roses and green ivy. Yellow roses stand for friendship & love so it was a no brainer decision.

The Proposal:

Saturday (11/08/03) I had to take the vacuum we bought at Sears back and exchange it for a different model. Long story short the vacuum they told me would pick up nuts and bolts couldn't pick up dust and it was always broke so the store offered to replace it. After 2 hours of arguing at the store I got my new vacuum. I was a little upset when I got home Bill went to our friends house to install thier cd player in their durango. He also "informed me" we were eating there. I already planned to make something for dinner, I had a bad day at Sears, etc. so I wasn't so thrilled.

So...I went to our friends house, Ann & Jeff. Ann's mom & dad are like Bill's adoptive parents. Bill fixed the radio then we had dinner, then Ann's mom & dad stopped was like 8pm and usually Bill wants to hang out with them forever but he said he was tired and wanted to go home, Now I was really annoyed because I thought we were hanging out there for the evening since, like I said we had kinda had plans and he changed them, etc. So...about 8:30 we went home. I took the vacuum out of the box and put it together while he got a shower. When he was done he said he forgot a tool at Ann's and since it was outside he'd better got get it.

Now, this is Bill... always forgetting something, so I wasn't suspicious at all. He left while I was trying out the vacuum. I did the living room and figured I'd leave the kitchen to show him how it works (not like he's ever going to volunteer and vacuum but, whatever)/ So I left the kitchen undone and went into the bedroom to fold laundry. A few minutes later he came back and we says "The rug looks good in the livingroom but, ummm, you missed a spot in the kitchen!" I was like, whatever....I didn't care, I was going to show him how the vacuum worked. So as soon as I said whatever he comes through the doorway between the bedroom and the kitchen, kinda trips and lands on his knees in front of me. As I am asking if he's ok he goes, "Lucky you didn't suck this up!" and holds up my engagement ring!!I like a true blonde is just staring at him with my wouth wide open in shock. He says, "Well, will you marry me?" I said yes yes yes and I was hugging and kissing him and crying and after a few minutes he goes, "Ummmm, are you going to put this on or am I gonna have to wear it?" And with that I let him put the ring on my finger!

SOOOOO, Bill and I are officially engaged!

We will be married September 18th, 2004 on the grounds of the Scullville Fire Hall in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey.

Name: Briane' Melton

City: Plantation

State: Florida Future

Husband: Miguel Tosoni

Place of Ceremony: Key West, Florida Date: August 24, 2002

Where we met: Actually our story is pretty funny. Miguel and I hated one another because I was his Ex's friend at the time he was dating her and we partied a lot (we were still in High School ) so he thought I was a bad influence. After she and I stopped hanging out Miguel and I became friends and hit it off really well (they had broken up of course ).

We were together every day for a while and finally decided to become a couple. After 3 years we are finally engaged!!!!!!!!! HURRAY...

Michelle Wall, Rowlett, Texas Jason Smith, Rowlett, Texas

February 28, 2004

We met online and chatted then met each other on his birthday at a restaurant and have been together ever since.

We are getting married at his family's church in Mesquite, Texas and plan to reside in Rowlett, Texas after honeymooning in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.


My name is Bridget Jeanette Harris and I just recently fell in love with a man named Johnathon Paul Thompson.

We have known each other for as long as I can remember but one time my best friend caught him on the comp and started talking to him and after awhile I was talking to him. Then I realized who he was. He was a guy I used to date back when went to Mena Middle School. We have started fall back in love and one day while we was talking he asked me if I would marry him.

I want to announce this engaggment because I love him and I feel in my heart we are right for each other. Bridget Jeanette Harris 183 rock creek lane Mena, Arkansas 71953

I would love to announce the engagement of Rebecca Conley yo Bryan Lynch. They are both graduates of Middletown High School.

They plan to be married on Febuary 21, of 2004. Bryan is a graduate of Cincinnati State with a Associate degree in aviation. Rebecca is a graduate of Southern Ohio college with a associate degree in medical terminology. Rebecca also has to children a son 12 years old Jacob and also a daughter 10 Ashley.

My name is Dionne Daniels.

My husband to be is Clayton Harris.

We are both from Maryland. We met through work last December.

He is a manager for one of the largest selling cellular companies.

I am a dispatcher for the largest cable communications in the area.

We will be wed on December 14, 2002

My name is Ashley Kristen Prugh, and my Husband to be is Jesse Alan Goles.

We are both from Baltimore, Maryland. We met 9 months ago, working at Ikea. From the moment I met Jesse, there was something different about him. Was it his smile? his laugh? his gentle touch? No it was his heart. Jesse has the biggest heart of anyone I've ever met.

We plan on getting married after college. I am excited to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.

My Name is Angela Flynn from Oklahoma City, OK . My husband to be is Zachary Johns of Moore, OK.

We are getting married Feb. 14th of 2003. The wedding and reception are taking place at Trinity Church of the Nazerene- 74th and Walker.

We meet while we were in highschool at Westmoore High School. I was a senior and he was a sophmore. We have been together ever since.

Through thick and then we will always be each others best-friends.

Angela Johns

Adam Wayne Miller and Jamie Marie Harden would like to announce their recent engagement.

The Groom

Adam is 21 years old, attending WSU and majoring in Human Resources Management. He attended Derby High School and is currently working at Circuit City in west Wichita.

The Bride

Jamie is 21 years old, attending WSU and majoring in Integrated Marketing and Communications. She will graduate before the wedding. She attended Derby High School and is currently holding two jobs, at Exploration Place and Blockbuster Video.

How We Met

We met as sophomores in high school through mutual friends. We started dating March 4, 1996 and have stayed happily together since. We moved into our first apartment together in May 2000.

The Engagement

Adam and I went to look at rings for the second time on January 3, 2002. We ended up finding the perfect one, and Adam bought it! We officially announced our engagement to our families even though the ring would not be ready for two-to-three weeks.

Wedding Plans

We have tentatively set the date for June 21, 2003. The wedding will be held in Wichita or Derby, Kansas the destination had not yet been decided. Kurt Sinclair will be Adam's Best Man. Jamie has not yet chosen a Maid of Honor.

Hi my name is Chasma Dixon. My husband to be name is Jermaine Cooper.

We're going to be married in our home town Kankakee, IL. August 2nd, 2003.

We met at the hair shop where I used to get my hair done at.

Chasma Dixon

My name is lindsey arbogast and i live in pekin, il with my fiance brandon bailey.

We got engaged april 14th 2001 We will be getting married on aug. 21st of 2004.

We met in highscool our sophomore year and instantly fell in love.

Renita Gosa Milwaukee,WI

Future husband: Raysean Barnes

Chapel: Zion Healing Temple

Date: July 12, 2003 I attend Milwaukee Area Technical College

We met at Bremen High School in Chicago

My name is Melissa Nath from Lake In The Hills, IL

I am a graduate of Harry. D. Jacobs High School and a soon to be graduate of Illinois College in Jacksonville, IL. This is where I met my husband-to-be Christopher Franzen of Witt, IL. He is a graduate of Nokomis High School and Illinois College.

We were engaged on Dec. 14, 2002 and will be married in Springfield, IL on Sept. 18th of 2004.

Stephanie Hansen and Greg Diersing are engaged to be married on September 21st, 2003 in Indianapolis, IN.

We were engaged on New Years Eve in downtown Chicago.

The proposal was beautiful and later in the evening we were able to celebrate the coming year with thousands of other people on the Navy Pier. Fireworks lit up the sky over the lake; it could not have been more perfect.

We are excited and looking forward to spending many years to come together.

My name is Christopher fiance, Heather Stites and I plan to wed on July 13, 2002.

We met in my sophomore year (her freshman year) at Millersville University in Millersville, PA.

I attended Elmer L. Meyers HS in Wilkes-Barre, PA, while Heather went to North Penn HS in Lansdale, PA.

Hi my name is Toni Mari i live in Greentown, PA.

My future husbands name is Pete. We are to be wed on October 12, 2003.

We are going to be married in Paupack United Methodist Church.

Pete and I attend Wallenpaupack area high school. We met are freshman year in school.

Holly Armour Steelton, PA & Curtis Plewa Harrisburg, PA

Prince of Peace Roman Catholic Church Steelton, PA

May 8, 2004

Graduates of Bishop McDevitt High School Hbg, PA

Holly - 97 Curt - 95

We met at Sierra Madre in Hbg, PA through a mutual friend

Hi my name is Patricia A. Riemer and my fience' is Kenneth B. Karsnick. We got engaged on November 26 2001. I am very excited. Our parents are Donald and Nancy Riemer and John and Elfrieda Karsnick. We are all from Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

I am a 1997 graduate of South High School. Kenneth is a graduate of South High in 1980. We had meet each other through friends.

We have been together for 2 wonderful years. The wedding is being planned for August 23, 2003.

My name is Rachael Brewer,18, and I live in Mt.Juliet, Tn. My fiancee is Joshua Matthew Hall,18.

We are to be married June 1, 2002, in a western themed wedding, on a friends farm. I am a senior at Wilson Central High School and Matt works full time as a truss builder. He attended Mt.Juliet High School.

We met as children at a fire hall, but lost touch soon after.We went to the same Jr.High and found each other. We got together at the end of 8th grade and have been together since. He proposed on Dec. 24, 2000 at my cousins house.

My name is Brian Deyoung and my future wife's name is Heather Carter and we are both from Greenville South Carolina.

We met in a strange way and I want to tell you about it. It was March 4th of 2001 in Arby's drive-thru. We went out a couple of days later and we have been together ever since and now that we are engaged and getting married on July 20th of 2002.

In Tennessee. I was really glad that I could tell you about my engagement and hope that you enjoyed reading about, just so you know I could tell you more but you won't have time to read about it.

Thank You- Brian Deyoung (age 23) Heather Carter (age 18)

Hello! My name is Kelly Willis I am from Marietta where I have lived all my life.

I attend Marietta High School and graduated in 1984.

I have worked as a dispatcher for several different companies.

I am to marry Joseph in the fall of 2002 he is a Gainesville resident we have known each other for 22 years but lost touch with each other we had different life's we lived until our recent contact with each other and know I can honestly say that I never want to know what a minutes without this man will be like I have my dream man back home where he belongs.

My name is Jennifer Turbin by soom to be a beautiful Jennifer Buddington!

My Fiance's name is Kevin Buddington whom grew up in Norwich, Connecticut. He moved here to Gresham, Oregon with his family were he started working for the same company I work for.

We worked together for two and a half years before we decided to date, this was a big announcement for both of us. Through thick and thin, almost exactly one year later Kevin proposed to me on the night of December 14th, 2003. And yes, it was one of those romantic nights on a blanket in front of our fireplace with wine! It was the most wonderful night of my life!

Kevin is 21 years old and has a great job as a Correctional Officer, which by the way he looks wonderful in his uniform!!! And I am 23 years old and am the Marketing Director of a management company in Gresham, Oregon. I have a 5-year daughter from a previous marriage that we will also be giving a ring to so that we can all be united in the marriage. We are probably one of the most happiest families in the world and I wourln't change anything about it!

The wedding is being planned for Fall 2004 in fabulous Las Vegas! I can't wait to marry by best friend!

I'd like to announce the engagement of my fiance and I, Bridget L. Robbins, and Elijah A. Perry, Jr.

Elijah and I have been engaged for over 4 months and are planning a June wedding.

We met right after September 11, 2001, when he was called to active military duty with the Army National Guard. He was at the airport when we met in passing. I work for Comair, Inc. After several months he finally worked up the courage to ask me out. The rest is history.

Elijah is a Correctional officer with the Florida Dept of Corrections. He is currently serving his country overseas and is due back in about 6 weeks. Elijah was born in Eustis, FL to Elijah and Christine Perry, Sr. Bridget was born in Flint, MI to Roy and Lozetta Hutchins

Well my name is Rev. Vincent T. Ellison Jr I am engaged to Nalice Dennisa Dean.

We met at the Open Door Church of Deliverence 5 1/2 yrs ago. I graduated from Carver High School she graduated from Spencer High School.I am currently attending Beacon College where Im getting my Masters of Divinity and a minor in Computer Tech. Nalice is currently attending Tuskegee University where she is majoring in Medical Technology.

Our relationship has had its ups and downs but we have learned how to put God first in all that we do. I am a very blessed man to be with a woman that has been with me through thick and thin. She is truly the love of my life. We plan to have 4 children and settling in Ga or maybe Fl. Because of her I can say true love is not hard to find.

Rev.Vincent T. Ellison Jr.

Hi, my name is Dawn Singleton and I am newwly engaged to Ontreal Bowers we are both from Savannah, Georgia.

He attends SSU and I attend CSU.

We are highschool sweethearts and made the commitment to marry each other on December 23rd. I am overjoyed that it is now set in stone that we will spend the rest of our lives together. He is definitely the one and I feel blessed to have him.

Thanks for reading, Dawn

My name is Jessica From Flint, Michigan

My future husbands name is Andre Edwards SR. We met at the gas station my car was broke down and he helped me fix it. He took me to dinner at the finest chineese resturant and when we got done eating he got on one knee and proposed in front of everyone. Hello.

Hi my name is Tracy Warren, and my future husband's name is Michael Sheremetta.

I am 24 years old and he is 25. We met nearly 7 years ago thorugh a friend.

We both live in Kerhonkson NY. Michael is from Ellenville NY, where he graduated in 1999. I am from Kerhonkson NY, where I graduated from Rondout Valley High School in 1999. I am currenty attending UCCC for a nursing degree.

Michael is employed through H. Osterhoudt excavating where he is a laborer.

We plan on getting married in July of 2006, in Las Vegas.

My name is Dwight Grames and i want to tell you about my friends Engagement (Ryan) and his Fiancee (Tiffany) they met through her sister but he was dating someone at the time but as soon as he saw tiffany he knew she was the one for him and he asked her out a few days later and she said yes they are very happy together.

And today January 4,2005 Ryan asked Tiff to marry him they are getting the ring next week and im so happy for them..... Ryan always said that tiff was the one for him but no one actualy believed him but now I DO he loves her and she loves him and they belong together so i would like to say congrats to my Bro Ryan..... I LOVE YOU LIKE A BRO RYAN......have fun and no fighting.

Dwight Grames

My Name is Jennifer Coyne & my furture husband's name is Joseph Boccia.

We will be married on March 18, 2005in a ceremony in Franklin Square proceeding to a reception at Jericho Terrrace.

We met August 30, 2003 & were engaged on May 17, 2004.

Joseph had gone to school in Queens, while I went to school about 45 minutes away. We met at a bar, after both being out of two miserable relationships. We did not plan to meet, I had just wanted a lite for a cig. To make a long story short, we started dating Labor Day weekend & by the following Memorial Day weekend we were engaged.

Joe had proposed while I had food poisoning, yet it was the most romantic thing that has ever happened to me.

I couldn't be any prouder of my construction worker....

Love, the teacher

I'm Barbara . I'm from wyoming, michigan... my fiancee's mame is Robert. May 6 2006 the location n/a yet. i went to rogers high school. He went to saginaw high.

We met online on yahoo messenger , we would talk on the phone he would come up from Lansing as much as he could. then he moved here and proposed to me on new years eve sweet , i love him

Hi my name is Kathy Scott of Gaston, NC and my future husband name is Danny Robinson.

He purposed to me on December 25th, 2004. Thats right this Christmas!!!

We will be having a summer yard wedding on August 4th which is my future husband's birthday.

My Name is Joanne Sanchez and I'm from Philadelphia, PA...the city of Brotherly Love! The love of my life and future Husband's name is Luis Carlo...we are to be wed on July 1st of 2006, At St. Hugh Catholic Church.

We met at our place of employment (Wilmington Finance)...we actually probably met as children because we attented the same Grade School...we started seeing each other... not exclusively and from one day to the next we fell in love!

He suggested a vacation for us both to go to the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana...and that Saturday night he proposed to me on the beach under the stars and by a boat that was wrecked on the beach...I accepted and we are even more in love today...and we'll be tomorrow and the next day...etc...ect..!

We both went through major trials in our life and now we are both very lucky to have found a sense of peace and true love...he is exceptional!

Per Luis Carlo: "I would have never known when you came to work at Wilmington Finance I was going to marry you and I was going to be in love with you...I saw and waited for you to give me a chance ...not knowing that I was the one that was going to fall in Love.. I never been in love the way I am with you and I know in my heart that you’re my world and I want nothing more than for you to be my wife forever because I want you forever and I will always love you forever !!!!!!!!!! You r in my heart where it once slept and u woke it up with this impact on my life... they say your love comes to you when you least expect it ...but damm, had I known it was going to be you ...I would have been on you from the start and you would have already been my wife today !!!!!! I love you with everything I am and everything I will be in my future because with you I have a future & with out you I will forever be lost !!!!!!!!!! Jo I will die for you because with out you I would die !!!!!!!!!!"

"You're everything I've ever wanted... beautiful, smart, educated and damm ghetto when u need to be... you are real... nothing fake!"

Thank you, Joanne Sanchez

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