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Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Edmonds of Mobile Alabama wish to announce their daughter Sarah Kathleen Edmonds engagement to Lt. Shawn Robert Jirka of Pensacola Florida the son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jirka of Seattle Washington.

Miss Edmonds is currently attending the University of South Alabama and is employed with Clear Channel Communications World Wide.

Lt. Jirka is a graduate of R.P.I. with a degree in Computer and Systems Engineering and is currently employed with the United States Navy.

The wedding will be held on May 4th, 2002 at Mobile Botanical Gardens.

Her name is Sara Gallia, her fiance is Bill McCullough, both currently reside in Sunol, California.

They have known each other as friends since the 4th grade. Recently they got in touch with each other and realized that their friendship had turned into a romance.

Bill proposed to Sara while on a yacht sailing under the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. He got down on one knee and yelled (howling wind) Will you marry me? She was completely surprised. They had only become romantic for about 4 months. Sara, of course said yes.

They are planning a wedding in the year 2003, hopefully at Sara's mothers Wedding Chapel, the Sara Rose in Los Molinos, California sometime in July.

Reverend Denise Kay Gallia, Sara's mom --- Denise Gallia

My name is Victor Hernandez. My future wife is Maryellen Harper.

We met in high school in 1973 at Birmingham High in Van Nuys, California. We dated for 4 years. We went our way and both got married to other people. Both of us stayed married for almost 14 years until we both divorced our spouses.

I had moved to the Northwest in the mid 80's, where I still live to this day. She also lived in the Northwest for a while. But neither of us knew we lived so close to each other. She moved back home to the San Fernando Valley where we both grew up.

Twenty two years later from the last time we saw each other or spoke, Maryellen contacted me via internet on I contacted her back. That was last June 2001. On July 20th, 2002 at 6:00 in the evening we will be getting married in Cannon Beach, Oregon at the beautiful Sandsurf Gardens.

Hello world! My name is Kia Parks my fiance is Victor Madera.

I am from San Jose,Ca and now residing in San Diego and Victor is From Gilroy, Ca and now resides in Los Banos, Ca.

I was proposed to by Victor in Monterey, Ca just this past sunday Nov. 10, 2002. Our wedding date is set for August 16th 2003.

Hi, My name is Marci Casterson from Redding, California. My fiance's name is Wes Barone.

We met through friends who thought we would be great for each other. The proposal was the best any woman could ever have. It was our 1 year anniversary (Feb. 20, 2002) that we had been dating and Wes wanted to go all out. He rented a limo to pick us up and took us to dinner at The Hatchcover Restaurant. After dinner we took a ride in the limo which took me to my next surprise. We went to the local plantarium where we got to see a show of the night sky. We were the only two in the planetarium so it was really romantic. The instructor told us about the constellations and the different stars in the night sky. He also told us it lead to the theme of our story for the night. Next thing I know, there was a poem displayed on the ceiling that was written by Wes and then the proposal of "will you marry me." I then looked over at Wes and he was down on one knee with the ring. Come to find out Wes arranged the whole thing and rented out the whole planetarium for our romantic evening. Of course I said "YES".

We will be having an outside wedding at the Elk's lodge, in Redding, Ca., which will be right along the Sacramento river on May 24, 2003.

Name: Amanda Finnigan
Age: 18
City: North Little Rock
State: Arkansas
Fiance's Name: Anthony Silver
Age: 22
Wedding Location: Undecided
Date: Undecided, Year 2003-2005
Where We Met: AOL Chatroom

Anthony (Tony) and I have been together for a whopping 6 months and just recently met one another face-to-face and made our engagement official. We plan on marrying after I've gotten my Nursing's degree in college and hopefully having a few children once we're both older and more mature.

Although we've only been together 6 months, we know for certain that we are meant to me and that we are deeply in love. We hope anyone reading this who currently has an internet or long distance relationship can know that they sometimes do defeat all odds and make it, me and Tony are living proof. Good luck everyone with your futures and keep smiling.

I would like to announce our engagement, Nichole Marie Farmer and William Ward Warren III.

We were engaged the most wonderful night of my life, Nov. 23rd, 2002. We look forward to getting married in Sedona Arizona in the Spring of 2004.

William and I have actually known each other for quite sometime. We have seen the snow, the ocean and the sun. 3 years so far baby... Thank you, for everything that you do and believe William. I look forward to spending the endless years ahead of us, together forever sweetness. I love you.

My name is Amy Agemian and I am from Tabernacle New Jersey, My fiance name is Michael Mcgonigal.

We met almost 6 years ago in March of 1996. We met at Burlington County College because we had two classes together. After 5 1/2 years together we got engaged on January 19, 2002.

Our wedding date is set for May 31, 2003 in my home town, Tabernacle. We have had many great years together and we are looking forward to many, many more.

My name is Jennifer Heinze.

I graduated from Monmouth University in 1998, with a Bachelors in Education and Psychology.

My fiance's name is Andrew Rispoli of Long Valley, NJ. He is the General Manager at Borders Books and Music at Short Hills Mall. We met through a mutual friend, and dated for about a year and a half.

On November 17, 2001, Andrew took me for a ride in a hot air balloon, and at one mile in the air, asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. We plan to marry on May 17, 2003.

Hi! My name is Tracy Davis and I am from East Orange, New Jersey.

My fiance's name is Daniel Pinto. We met only two months ago. Trust me - it doesn't take long - when you are sure! He proposed to me on August 9, 2002 - my birthday ! I Love him very much and cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

We met through a 'Singles Line' and our first conversation lasted for 8 hours. When we met - he said that it was 'Love' at first sight.

He graduated from Drew University in Madison, N.J. We are going to be married on February 22 , 2003 - a small, intimate gathering with friends and family and we can't wait !

Name: Shieneke Perry


State:New Jersey

Husband to be: Joseph J. Shiver Date: July 26, 2003

Highschool: Rosa Parks High School of Fine & Performing Arts

How we met: Blind date through a mutual friend

Maid of honor: Elizabeth Rozier

Best Man: Moses J. Shiver

Mother of bride to be: Christine Wilkerson

Father of bride to be: Horace Perry

Mother of groom to be: Helen Shiver

Father of groom to be: Moses Shiver Sr. Church: St. Lukes Baptist Church

Brides maids: Sonia Torres. Iyesha Anthony. Kameyia Wilson. Audrey Pittman. Eliecia Greer

Flower Girls: Bre'Anna Henry and Jada Shiver

Ring Bearer: Nasir A'shaan Shiver

Our names are Jennifer Pinto & Frederick Kroegman.

We met through a mutual friend a couple years ago and it started there.

We were friends for awhile but then we started dating December 27, 2001.

We got engaged December 25, 2002 (Christmas Day). The wedding date is set for May 08, 2004.

The location of the ceremony is Parsippany, NJ and the reception will be held in North Haledon, NJ. We can't wait!!!!

Jennifer Pinto and Frederick Kroegman of Montville, New Jersey would like to announce their engagement.

Jenn and Fred began dating shortly after Christmas of 2001. They met through a mutual friend and things just flourished from there.

After dating for a year, Jenn and Fred got engaged December 25, 2002. Jenn is a photographer / web developer and Fred is a telephone and data technician.

Their wedding date is set for May 8, 2004.

Just a very blessed couple happy to have met and spending the rest of our lives together.

The Bride to be is a native from Olivette, MO, Ladue High School Graduate and Fontbonne College Grad in Clayton, MO currently works in Cambridge, MA.

The Groom to be is a native from East Northport, Long Island (NY) and Knox School graduate, Bucknell University and Florida State graduate working in Boston, MA.

The two have planned to be married August 18, 2001 in Beverly Farms, MA along Cape Ann then will honeymoon overseas and will reside in Boston, MA.

The Bride: Jessica Lynn Cyrlin

The Groom: Charles Douglas Mckenney

We became engaged at the end of September 2001 and have been together for 3 years.

We met in high school and lived 1 block away from each other. We have always known we would be together forever. We are looking forward to being married , but for now we haven't decided on even the date. We both live in Houston and look forward to traveling the world together and just enjoying each other and life.

My name is Deborah Davidson and my wonderful boyfriend of 5 years proposed to me on my birthday 4-15-01.

Our wedding is set for 9-21-02 in Texas at Holy Rosary Catholic Church.

We are looking forward to our special day and our long life of love together. We met in 1996 in Stafford Texas through a friend. It was a rough start relationship but has now ended as happy as we could have ever imagined. We want to announce our engagement and let everyone enjoy our happiness as much as we are. Thank you.

Larry & Patricia Johnson and Dolly Elizabeth Bruce of Corpus Christi, Texas are pleased to announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Dailene Rose Bruce to Dr. Timothy Elmer Gardner, son of Robert and Cynthia S. Gardner of The Woodlands, Texas.

The bride-elect is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a BBA in Accounting.

The groom-to-be is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a BBA in Finance. Tim also graduated with honors from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Dental School. There he served as Class President of his class for his final three years and received his Doctrine of Dental Surgery Degree. He has owned and operated a dental practice in Conroe, Texas for the last 10 years.

The wedding will be held at Sacred Heart Co-Cathedral in Houston, Texas, in August.

My name is Brian Deyoung and my future wife's name is Heather Carter and we are both from Greenville South Carolina.

We met in a strange way and I want to tell you about it. It was March 4th of 2001 in Arby's drive-thru. We went out a couple of days later and we have been together ever since and now that we are engaged and getting married on July 20th of 2002.

In Tennessee. I was really glad that I could tell you about my engagement and hope that you enjoyed reading about, just so you know I could tell you more but you won't have time to read about it.

Thank You- Brian Deyoung (age 23) Heather Carter (age 18)

Marsha L. Gamel, Ph.D. and Daniel L. Nelson announce their engagement to be married on Dec. 30th, 2002 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

A private sunset beach ceremony is planned. Marsha is the co-founder of the Creative Journal Expressive Arts Certification program owner of El Rocio Retreat Center in Mission, Texas. Graduate of California State University at Los Angeles and Summit University at New Orleans. Daughter of Betty and Richard Bloomer, Desert Hot Springs, California.

Marsha's sons, Tom and Richard Cleghorn Dan is the golf coach at Edinburg High School in Edinburg, Texas. STPGA Junior Golf Area Director. Graduate of Pan American University. Dan's children, Jennifer Nelson Veale and Jimmy Nelson.

Hello My name is Rachel Woodard I was engaged on Saturday the 22nd of Feb.2003 by my now fiance Fidel Flores.

We will be Mr. and Mrs. Fidel Flores on may 17th 2003 in The Woodlands, Texas.

We meet 4 years ago while I was waitressing at a night club called the hop and have been inseperable since he is the best man I have ever met in my life and I we love eachother with all our hearts he is 34 and I am 28 between us we have 5 childern 4 that are mine and 1 that is his.

He has taken on a roll in my life that most men would be scared to do and he has done a great job. I feel very fortunate to have met him.

Rachel Woodard

Kristina Bartlett
Plymouth, MI

Randy Wittner
Plymouth, MI

Wedding Date: June 1st, 2002

Don't have the details yet. He is currently working in Wisconsin. He's in computers and I'm in equipment leasing.

We happened to work in the same building for a short period of time and never met. We happened to meet online when he answered my personal ad through AOL. He is the love of my life!

My name is Elma Vanover I lived in Ky for 29 years.

Jason Milano was born and raised in Michigan, The bride elect is a graduate of Magoffin County High. attended 1 year of College in Jackson Ky, Jason is a Graduate of Troy High School in Troy Mi.attended College in California.

How we met: I sent jason the wrong email, after it was brought to my attention I had made a mistake. I e-mailed Jason an Apology, and told him who I was. I invited him to chat. He came in we became friends. That was in Feb.2000.

Oct. 2000 I moved up to to MI. We got engaged a month later.

Wedding Date: August 24, 2002.

My name is Crystal Pilz from Trenton Michigan. My future husband's name is Kevin Langley whom I have dated for the past 2 years.

We met at Steak 'N' Shake where we both worked. The first day I met him I knew he was the one b/c even though he was covered in milkshakes from work he still went out and met my parents for the first time. He went to Grosse Ile H. S. and I attended Carlson H.S.

I just recently graduated from Detroit Business Institute in August of 2002. We are getting married on September 18, 2004 at First Presbyterian Church in Trenton.

On our two year anniversary (October 18, 2002) we went to Elizabeth Park and walked around for a little while and then walked over the bridge for a while. After walking back onto the bridge he tried to stall himself for as long as possible by playing a spitting game in the water. He would spit on one side and run to the other to see if he could see it. I know it sounds corny but it kept him amused!! After stalling for about ten to fifteen minutes he finally turned me around and knelt on one knee. He didn't even kneel all the way and I was already balling my eyes out. Then he said the most beautiful words "Crystal will you marry me?" I of course cried more and definitely said "Yes!" he put the ring on my finger and I didn't even look at it for the first five minutes it was on my hand, I just hugged him and cried some more.

Later, he had both sets of parents meet us at Sportsmen's Den for dinner. This was the best day of my life.

My name is Lisa Dudley and I am from Saint Joseph, Michigan.

My future husband is Brandon Hamadanchi. We will be married in the summer of 2003. We both graduated from Saint Joseph High School. We met at church when he was giving a talk on drugs and alcohol. We both liked each other right away, but didn't let the other know. We remained best friends for 5 years.

One night, while we were watching TV together, we kissed for the first time and realized we had something more than just a friendship.





We met in Junior High School and have been best friends ever since then.

Cassie Mae McIntyre and Travis Dale Templemire.

We will marry at the New Home General Baptist Church in Poplar Bluff, Missouri.

Cassie is a 2000 graduate of Twin Rivers High School and Travis is a 2001 graduate of Twin Rivers High School.



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